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Dr. Scott Bandoroff is not your typical psychologist. Although you may find Scott in the office doing what psychologists are known to do, you are just as likely to encounter him on a challenge course, in the wilderness, or even in the boardroom engaging clients in some type of experiential activity or wilderness pursuit as a vehicle for change.



Whether it be therapy, staff development, or clinical training, Scott is more comfortable with a rope or a ball in his hand than with paper and pen. Adventure makes learning fun and makes change stick! From confused and defiant teens to skeptical veteran employees, there is no better process for inspiring and motivating clients than adventure programming.

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Why An Adventure-Based Model?
The Adventure-Based Model features a holistic approach to working with clients that engages the participant mentally, emotionally and physically. Whether it be therapy or staff development work, even the most resistant participants soon find themselves engaged in the process. Adventure-based activities are action-oriented, fun, safe, and productive.

Adventure-based activities are ideal tools for group development because of their inherent ability to facilitate teamwork and improve group functioning. They are also solution-focused and whether you are in therapy or training, it is more effective to highlight strengths and build on what clients are already doing right.

Dr. Bandoroff is committed to the use of an adventure-based model for working with clients in any setting. He has used adventure activities as a catalyst for change in the therapy office with one client as well as in a meeting hall with a hundred clients. Simply put, there is no better way to engage clients in a process of meaningful change.

I have personally worked with youth programs, both residential and wilderness based, for over twelve years and in all that time I have never met anyone that is more caring and supportive than Dr. Scott Bandoroff. Scott is always going the extra mile and has a heart the size of Utah. He understands the challenges of today’s youth and families and knows how to connect with them both experientially and spiritually, which in my experience is the ONLY way to connect.
Charles P. Huge, PhD

Scott is simply amazing in his ability to guide teams through a meaningful and productive change process using experiential practices. He is definitely a leader in his field. If you are ready to tackle the tough issues in your organization, call Scott!
Jenny Scanlon, M.S.W.
Deschutes County Juvenile Community Justice Director

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.


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