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Organizational Consulting

Needs Assessment
Dr. Bandoroff has provided organizational consulting for a variety of organizations. Every consultation begins with a Needs Assessment that serves to determine the nature of the consultation. The Needs Assessment begins with the client’s goals. The major stakeholders are identified and interviewed to help Dr. Bandoroff obtain a comprehensive understanding of the system and develop a proposed intervention. Following the interviews, Dr. Bandoroff collaborates with the client to establish target goals. An intervention is then designed and implemented.

Program Development
Dr. Bandoroff is frequently requested to serve as a consultant on the development of specific programs. These generally focus on treatment needs of the organization. For example, a treatment program may be interested in increasing family involvement.


Dr. Bandoroff would help the agency to design a family program that addresses the needs of their families. Great consideration is given to the skills and ability of the staff to deliver the program. Most often, staff training is included in the program development package to ensure successful implementation.

Dr. Scott Bandoroff is one of the few clinical psychologists in the U. S. who has focused on outdoor experiential therapies from his dissertation through his professional career. His knowledge of the practical and intellectual aspects of “wilderness therapy” is not exceeded by any psychologist I have met in this field during the last 15 years. Myself and my organization have personally benefited from his work.
L. Jay Mitchell, JD, Founder of The SUWS Adolescent Program and the Alldredge Academy

Scott’s energy and enthusiasm makes learning fun. He was instrumental in bringing organizational issues to the surface and assisting our team in looking at ways to resolve the underlying conflicts. Every organization could benefit from his expertise.
Trina Packard, Executive Director, Northstar Center

It was really useful for our management team to have the opportunity to discuss issues. I think all of the teams in our organization would benefit from this training.
David V., Supervisor

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