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Youth Adventure Programs

Youth love adventure-based programs, because they learn best when they are actively engaged. Experiential education is well known for its ability to captivate the learner. Whether it be therapy or simply healthy recreation, adventure-based programs make learning fun! Adventure activities are ideal tools for skill building in that they teach communication, cooperation, trust, and problem solving.

Peak Experience offers a host of venues for adventure-based programs. We can offer onsite programming at your facility or we can provide outdoor experiences such as rock climbing, hiking, caving, rafting, snow shoeing, or a ropes course experience. From a group of students working together in an educational setting to teens struggling to regain their health in a treatment program, adventure programming can create a more supportive and productive environment to help clients achieve their goals.


When you are out there in the's a big spiritual thing... you can think about a lot of stuff and change yourself- you don't have to impress anybody- you can be yourself. CA, 15

Peak Experience helped me a lot- to face my fears and conquer them. CV, 14

I came back with a lot of patience. I mean if you go up there and expect to get everything done, right then, right there, you are not going to make it...I don't think I've ever accomplished anything like that. DH, 17

We all learned a lot...went into things thinking they were impossible but we accomplished them. JR, 16

The main thing I learned was to take one step at a time...instead of getting so far ahead of myself, just look at what I have to do next...I learned to set small goals to achieve my bigger goals. TC ,15

I had a goal and I accomplished it. I achieved what I came out to start to achieve more and you start to like yourself more...I know I can do it if I really try. MW, 15

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