Staff Development & Teambuilding Trainings

Staff today are so busy keeping up with their daily workload that there is little time to think about their professional development. Yet professional development is essential to foster creativity, generate vision, and stimulate growth. Without such stimulus, many employees experience stagnation and eventual burnout.

Teambuilding Trainings
Adventure-based training offers staff the opportunity to focus on their professional development in a fun and supportive atmosphere. The training moves employees away from their desks and into a novel and exciting environment that fuels creativity and growth. As active participants, they become active learners, fully engaged in the process. The activities make the training non-threatening and allow difficult issues to arise naturally, keeping the process productive and solution oriented. Communication and problem solving improve, trust is enhanced and staff coalesce as a team. Adventure-based training is energizing and renewing and never fails to improve staff morale.


Clinical Trainings
Agencies working with youth have a continual need to educate their staff on clinical issues. Having served as an Internship Director and a Clinical Director over the past 20 years, Dr. Bandoroff has provided training on a wide variety of clinical subjects. These have included such topics as anger management, adolescent development, motivation for (mis)behavior, reality therapy, family dynamics, and ADHD. A particular favorite training topic that Dr. Bandoroff is passionate about is Vicarious Traumatization. In all of his trainings, he integrates adventure activities to help keep the trainings stimulating and the staff engaged. Case studies and small group discussion are also a standard component in clinical trainings.

Clinical First Responder Training™
Dr. Bandoroff developed the Clinical First Responder training to provide frontline staff with the tools that they need to be more effective in their work. This hands-on course trains staff to:

  • Recognize a wide variety of psychological issues
  • Communicate in clinical language with clinicians
  • Develop a solid therapeutic skill set
  • De-escalate emotional crises to prevent critical incidents
In addition to increasing their skill level, staff will feel supported, empowered, and prepared-ingredients which will enhance their performance. The Clinical First Responder Training™ will help staff become better equipped to handle day to day treatment issues and to respond appropriately to the inevitable crises that occur in programs. The end result is a more competent and confident staff and a more effective and professional program.

"Dr. Bandoroff's services with our program staff has proved, over and over again, a very useful way for our three teams to come together, communicate more effectively, and teambuild. Using an outside resource is by far, the best method we have seen work for our staff. Dr. Bandoroff is a caring, wise, creative, and empowering force and professional. I am hoping to utilize his services on a regular annual basis, to maintanin staff morale and improve communication patterns."
William D. Hoffman, Program Director, Mount Bachelor Academy

I really appreciated that we were asked what our outcome goals were and throughout the experience, Scott continually checked in to guide the training to our group needs… I loved being able to share this experience with my co-workers. This training was awesome!
Anderson T.

The physical activities gave us the opportunity to rely upon each other… I found all of the activities really helpful, even when I wasn’t able to see it in the moment…I wish we could have kept going. I felt like there was so much more to learn.
Molly H.

It was very helpful to have someone who doesn’t work here help to facilitate our communication. We don’t do it much, even though it’s our job. It is so important.
Jim S.

The training gave us the opportunity to communicate as a team in a fun and relaxing environment. Your mediation skills are great. Thanks for sharing your passion!
Sarah G.

This was a great training- a lot of fun and good information. It was a day well spent! I would like my entire team to attend a training of this nature.
Ian A.

The training helped to open our lines of communication and change our views of each other. It was an excellent training!
Tracy G.

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