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Adventure-Based Facilitation Training

Adventure-based facilitation trainings provide participants with the background and skills necessary to use adventure activities in their work. Adventure-based interventions provide powerful tools for working with youth and adult populations. Adventure activities are engaging, group-oriented, and solution focused. They are also ideal for intact groups because of their inherent ability to facilitate teamwork and improve group functioning. Adventure-Based Facilitation Trainings cover all of the topics necessary for participants to begin using adventure-based interventions in their work.



The primary goals of adventure-based facilitation trainings:

• Learn to use adventure activities to enhance therapeutic growth of clients.
• Acquire language, theory, and experience of the adventure-based modality.
• Develop a range of facilitation skills to increase effectiveness as a group leader.

Advanced Facilitation Training
Double Black Diamond has created a training program to enhance the competence of adventure-based practice professionals through an intensive program that includes: theory, instruction, modeling and personalized analysis. This five-day training in advanced facilitation is facilitated by Dr. Scott Bandoroff and Dr. Christian Itin.
For more information on Facilitation on The Edge, visit us on the web at http://double_black_diamond.tripod.com/


Excellent training! If you want to be really challenged to maximize the potential of your experiential/adventure education activities with clients, and maximize your effectiveness as a change agent,then take this course.
Roger W, Teacher

Very individualized with a good balance of theory and practical experience. I loved the intimate nature and the individualized attention. The process did a good job of helping me learn new ways to process experiences and take a look at my own style.
Doug G, Family Therapist

Scott is extremely competent and knowledgeable and is a good presenter. It was an excellent training. I would love to have more!
Marie O.

It was truly a privilege to attend this training. Thank you Scott!
Craig B.

I think that this training will be recognized as a standard that advanced facilitators need to meet in order to conduct quality experience-based programs.
Mike V, Outward Bound Instructor

Training of this nature is much needed by facilitators to achieve better recognition for our field.
Jessie R, Program Manager

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