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Psychotherapy Practice

Dr. Bandoroff has been providing therapy for 35 years. Although he is known internationally for his adventure therapy work, practicality is a virtue, and it is not always feasible to get clients into the wilderness. Therefore, Dr. Bandoroff treats individuals, couples and families in his private practice in downtown Ashland, Oregon.

In this setting clients can be assured high quality treatment from a caring, engaging and committed professional with many years of experience serving people in need. Dr. Bandoroff is best known for his work with teens and families.

However, specialized family systems training and years working with the most challenging families has provided Dr. Bandoroff with vast experience working with couples as well as individual adults. Thus, his current practice involves work with clients across the continuum and he enjoys the variety of clients that he serves.

Dr. Bandoroff is also a certified practitioner of Brainspotting (, a neurobiological technique that effectively treats deep-seated trauma, addiction, phobias, and a variety of other challenging conditions.

Dr. Bandoroff is a relational therapist; he believes that all disorders are rooted in impaired relationships with significant others and therefore, true healing can only occur within the context of relationship. Scott prides himself on developing deep, caring and trusting relationships with his clients.

Whether you are a couple in distress, an adult struggling with life's challenges, or a confused and angry teen, Dr. Bandoroff can help.

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