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Building Healthy


Dr. Scott Bandoroff



Dr. Scott Bandoroff

A psychologist with 35 years of experience


Specializing in challenging adolescents and families


Provides consultation and training to schools, mental health agencies, juvenile justice departments, residential treatment centers, and wilderness therapy programs.


Has served as a clinical director, internship director, clinical supervisor, consultant and trainer.


Adjunct professor at Naropa University, adjunct professor at Oregon State University and adjunct faculty mentor at Prescott College.


Dr. Bandoroff developed a wilderness family therapy
program in 1990 and has become recognized as an
authority on adventure family therapy through his
publications and presentations in the U.S. and abroad.
He spent many years working in juvenile justice and
developed and directed a wilderness program for
severely delinquent youth.

Dr. Bandoroff personally leads each Family Adventure. He is an experienced wilderness guide and an emergency medical technician.


Family Adventures is a customized multi-day family therapy experience capitalizing on the dynamic healing aspects of a shared wilderness adventure.

We offer a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of diverse families. The programs serve as a framework, and each adventure is tailored to the particular needs of the participants. Balancing your family’s need for both fun and therapy is a primary

Programs may be booked as individual family outings or multiple family group experiences. Come explore the beauty of Oregon or we’ll come to you. Completely customized programs are available and may be arranged throughout the United States or abroad.

Bringing It Home
Family Adventures is so effective at unifying families that a successful adventure is not our biggest challenge. The real test is helping families to transfer the skills back to their home environment.
Dr. Bandoroff is committed to working closely with the family or the family’s therapist to ensure that the
gains are maintained.


Family Adventures is designed to provide families with the opportunity to harness their resources and rediscover their sense of family. A structured daily program allows families to develop their strengths in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

“The program was one of those life-altering has been incredibly helpful on so
many levels and continues to affect my life on a
daily basis.“

Lynn S., 40

I liked the fact that we didn’t just sit down and talk. We did activities that lifted our spirits…I think this program
is very helpful for all families.”

Sarah L., 16

“The program was well-designed to help our family to reach out and slowly rebuild... an amazing feat for our previously dysfunctional family.”

John T., 51

“We have made real progress in our house in implementing some of the principles for constructive approaches to conflict, successful negotiation, and expressions of feelings.”

Greg F., 47

“It helped us to communicate and to have more of a (sense of) family togetherness.”

Drew R., 15


Family Adventures offers:

Around the clock treatment by a licensed psychologist specializing in family therapy

A wilderness environment that promotes family healing

Adventure-based activities designed to enhance family communication, problem-solving, and trust

Continual opportunities for the family to experience success

Quality family time where strengthening relationships is the number one priority

Open-ended therapy where family issues can be brought to resolution





Our standard programs include:

New Horizons: This is our basic weekend program and provides the greatest opportunity for intensive
family work in the shortest period of time. We can backpack or operate from a basecamp or lodge depending upon the preferences of the family.

Peak Experience: This is our basic program with the addition of a peak climb to celebrate the success of the family with a dose of high adventure.

Whitewater Discovery: For families who really want to make a vacation of it, whitewater rafting provides the ideal opportunity to relax and have fun while offering exciting challenges that require family cooperation.

*Rockclimbing can be added to any program and one day rockclimbing adventures are also available.

Residential Treatment Transition
Family Adventures is ideal for families whose children are graduating from residential treatment or wilderness therapy programs. We will provide a transition experience to support emotional reattachment and ensure that the family is prepared to integrate their “new” child back into the family.

Dr. Bandoroff is licensed as a psychologist in the state of Oregon. Services are eligible for reimbursement through many insurance providers.

Give Your Family a
Peak Experience!


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